Topics for debate in college

Citizens living in poverty. Did God create the universe or did it just occur naturally? That nuclear weapons should be controlled by an international organization. Single-gender classrooms would improve the quality of education in American public schools.

Student aptitude should be assessed through standardized testing. What is the best pizza topping? Should have coeducation in our educational institutions or not? The United States ought to promote democracy in the Middle East.

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Do school uniforms make school a more effective place to learn? Inaction in the face of injustice makes individuals morally culpable. That the federal government should establish minimum educational standards for elementary and secondary schools in the United States.

Next up in Admissions. The United States ought to provide a universal basic income. That the power of the federal government should be increased. A government has the obligation to lessen the economic gap between its rich and poor citizens. That lobbyists negatively influence the legislative process in the United States.

The United States federal government should establish a policy substantially increasing the number of persons serving in one or more of the following national service programs: Countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear power. That eliminating United States government budget deficits should be prioritized over increasing domestic spending.

That the American people should reject the Welfare state. For-profit prisons in the United States should be banned. But Weinstein says Bridges has not taken the kind of public stand that is required when a professor's right to speak out is under attack. That the United States government should ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

In the United States, the principle of jury nullification is a just check on government. That the United States federal government should establish a foreign policy significantly limiting the use of weapons of mass destruction.


Has nuclear energy destroyed our society? In a democratic society, felons ought to retain the right to vote. Who serves the country best — a soldier, teacher, doctor, scientist or politician?

Adoption of a new policy where every official event at the college will start with an acknowledgment that Evergreen State is on land stolen from Native Americans. Your stories are not debatable. That the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated. That he United States should establish a cabinet-level position to oversee its entire intelligence community.

The actions of corporations ought to be held to the same moral standards as the actions of individuals. Should juveniles be tried and treated as adults? That the federal government should guarantee comprehensive national health insurance to all United States citizens.

The United States should significantly increase its use of nuclear energy.

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That the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical service available to all citizens at public expense.

Is co-education a good idea? On balance, economic globalization benefits worldwide poverty reduction. The United States is justified in intervening in the internal political processes of other countries to attempt to stop human rights abuses.

That secondary education in America should value the fine arts over athletics. Which life do you prefer rural or urban?

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A society has an obligation to ensure adequate health care for its citizens. Wright, crwr77 at gmail.Nov 12,  · A democracy without effective citizenry for large sections of the political community is democracy only for the few.

A person cannot be whole while most of the world is broken. A presidential form of government would be better than the current parliamentary system.

Abortion rights are necessary Adult-oriented cartoons should only be broadcast on television. Choosing topics for a debate is a challenge, both for teachers and students.

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At the elementary level, children don't have the maturity, experience, and knowledge to handle controversial issues, and hence, such subjects are not an ideal choice for them. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. "SCC gave me a good taste of what college life is really like while easing me into it.". The College of Letters & Science offers more than 80 majors across disciplines.

We are leaders in diverse educational experiences. The College of Letters & Science offers more than 80 majors across disciplines. We are leaders in diverse educational experiences.

Topics for debate in college
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