The kargil war

When the Kargil war came dangerously close to becoming a nuclear catastrophe

In the event, however, Zoji La was opened for the induction of troops in early May itself. During Trishul, the IAF flew 5, sorties with aircraft using 35, personnel and engaged targets at high elevation in the Himalayas. In drawing up its strategy, the Navy was The kargil war that a reply to the Pakistani misadventure had to be two-pronged.

As soon as he fell, Batra plunged his bayonet into the fallen soldier's stomach. French made Mirage H of the IAF were tasked to drop laser-guided bombs to The kargil war well-entrenched positions of the Pakistani forces.

The first counter-attack was beaten back. The spring and summer incursion of Pakistan-backed armed forces into territory on the Indian side of the line of control around Kargil in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian military campaign to repel the intrusion left Indian soldiers dead and 1, wounded, according to December 1 statistics by Defense Minister George Fernandes.

The film starring Ajay Devgn and Bobby Deol is an account of the lives of soldiers and their struggles as they stay away from their loved ones. Because of the need to engage Pakistani targets in the valleys and on ridges, the slower helicopter gunship became an important requirement.

Time had now come to put pressure on Pakistan, to ensure that the right message went down to the masterminds in that country. It was also the first war between the two countries widely covered in the media. In the early hours of the following morning at hours, 'C' Company reported that they were in a heavy firefight and were running out of ammunition.

After it was finalised, the plan was put into action towards the end of April.

All you need to know about Kargil War

There were three major phases to the Kargil War. Public School in Palampur, where he studied up to middle standard. The Indian army, echoing nineteenth century British geopolitics, claims that giving up the mountainous Kashmir would expose the plains of Punjab and Haryana, and even Delhi, to foreign in this case, Pakistani attack.

Finally, Kashmir is the source of many vital South Asian rivers, including the Indus and the famous five rivers of the Punjab: Crouching, he moved toward the machine gun position, hiding behind rocks whenever possible.

The attacks were preceded by sustained fire assaults from over one hundred Artillery guns, mortars and rocket launchers firing in concert. Kargil Vijay Diwas was named after the success of Operation Vijay.

In Pakistan, issues like Afghanistan, Indo-Pak relations, Kashmir and nuclear capability are areas of special concern to the military. But it was officially declared completed on 26th July.

Kashmir has contributed to the overall dispute between India and Pakistan, observes an American Journalist, Stephen Philip Cohen, in several way.

The memorial is located about 5 km from the city centre across the Tiger Hill. He didnt expect that this operation could ultimately boomerang on Pakistan. As the exercise shifted closer to the Makaran Coast, Pakistan moved all its major combatants out of Karachi.

The terrain in the Kargil area is 16, to 18, feet above sea level. In the Mirage attack on Muntho Dhalo, Pakistani troops suffered casualties. The operation at Kargil was planned meticulously by the top Pakistani army establishment in a bid to capture the deserted heights in the Valley left by Indian army during the inhospitable weather conditions and then taking control of the vital Srinagar-Leh highway.

In fact, it was this weapon that caused considerable devastation to Pakistani bunkers on the ridges at Tiger Hill and Muntho Dhalo.

The Story of Kargil

By concentrating 30, troops there, other areas were denuded where freedom fighters activity had increased, as in the Kashmir valley and on the Srinagar-Jammu road.

En route to the top, Batra spotted a Pakistani machine gun position firing at the trapped Indian soldiers. Indian troops moved towards Pakistani occupied positions with air cover provided by aircraft and helicopters.

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Bollywood films on 1999 Kargil war martyrs

The first major ridgeline to fall was Tololing in the Drass sub-sector on June 13, which was captured after several weeks of bitter fighting. Entry of the Air Force into combat action on May 26 represented a paradigm shift in the nature and prognosis of the conflict. The two nations took two years to travel the high road from the Kargil War to the Agra Summit that ended on a jarring note, unable to agree to an acceptable joint statement.

It was captured by India in the war ofbut restored to Pakistan under Tashkent Agreement. After commissioning, he was sent to JabalpurMadhya Pradesh for regimental training. If the Government fails to do that, in the words of Dr.

The training lasted one month, from December, to the end of January, Bruce Riedelwho was then an aide to President Bill Clintonreported that US intelligence had imaged Pakistani movements of nuclear weapons to forward deployments for fear of the Kargil hostilities escalating into a wider conflict.

From historical, geographical, cultural and strategic point of view, Pakistan could not remain aloof from the question of liberty of over 13 million people of Kashmir. Earlier Government figures stated that Pakistani soldiers were killed. Nov 14,Some quick thinking by senior IAF officials in saved India from a potentially dangerous situation during the Kargil war.

During the height of the war, an Indian fighter pilot accidentally put a Pakistani military base in its sights and was ready to bomb it, but was pulled back on time.

The kargil war happened in the year During that period India and Pakistan both developed and tested Nuclear Weapons. There was a nationalistic sense of victory as both sides felt that they were essentially invincible as the nuclear weapons c.

Apr 13,  · Pakistani forays into Kargil in late and the discovery of vacant posts on the Indian side of the LoC permitted the war to become tactically viable.

May 02,  · the kargil intrusion (war) was an attempt by the pak army to capture the commanding heights in kargil and drass sector to relieve the siachen positions of Indian presence or as a means to achieve revenge for siachen.

Kargil War to defence procurement policy: Sharp exchanges in SC on Rafale deal case

the kargil intrusion (war) was an attempt by the pak army to capture the commanding heights in kargil and drass sector to relieve the siachen positions of Indian presence or as a means to achieve revenge for siachen.

Kargil is a city in the Kargil district of Ladakh region, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

21 Interesting Facts about Kargil War [Operation Vijay]

It is the second largest town in Ladakh after Leh. [2] It is located 60 km and km from Drass and Srinagar to the west respectively, km from Leh to the east, km from Padum to the southeast and 1, km from Delhi to the south.

The kargil war
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