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It is, in fact, wrong enough to go to war over in an attempt to sunder a country in defense of a abjectly immoral institution that would be displaced by advances in technology within decades anyway. Indeed, this is an argument about how to defeat the lunatic right by criticizing the lunatic left.

Support for social security is predictably similar. Capitalism, competition, and free trade are vital to a prosperous nation, but they will always result in winners and losers. This is to say nothing of it being, apparently, pointless.

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You can read our Privacy Policy here. Over time, however, my focus has slowly shifted and I spend far more time now criticizing my crazy neighbors on my left. And lastly, I want all the regressives to know that their childish antics will not be tolerated.

Giving women the vote.

Why I’m a Liberal Who Fights the Left, Even in the Age of Trump

Crucially this economic growth benefits everyone, not just the wealthiest Americans. Nearly 90 percent of Americans favor current levels of Medicare spending or higher spendingand this support cuts across party lines.

Milo has been called a neo-Nazi by many of his most fervent critics. In times of high polarization and major social change — both of which are occurring now — right-wing hardliners tend to circle their wagons around a blanket rejection of all things they deem liberal, even to the point of nihilistic bitterness and devil-may-care spite.

For more from The Nation, check out our latest issue. The large tax cuts of recent decades therefore serve ends that are both economic and political. To each and every one of you that would even think to engage in the kind of behavior that took place at UC Berkeley, or who calls their political opponents neo-Nazis in a pathetic attempt to slander them with false, ad hominem attacks which harken back to the tactics of McCarthyism.

I’m A Liberal, And I Want Milo Yiannopoulos On My Campus

I had just started my own appellate practice, and his note was extremely thoughtful. Let me quote what some conservatives saidonce upon a time, about a certain bill pending before Congress: How do Im a liberal best represent your political beliefs?

This shift in focus has led to some people believing that my antagonism is directed solely at the left and for others to go further and assert that I harbor some deep undeserved sympathies with the far right. If you enjoy our articles, be a part of our growth and help us produce more writing for you: Milo has been called a neo-Nazi by many of his most fervent critics.

First and foremost, my most cherished liberty is freedom of speech. It leaves me feeling angry, betrayed, frustrated. Indeed, as these hypervigilant leftists have widely noticed — and paradoxically celebrated like the routing of a dangerous traitor — much of the mainline left is tipping toward the right or ardently taking up the center specifically to mitigate their chances of seizing political power.

Conservatives want a large debt as an excuse to cut entitlements like social security and Medicare. If you take nothing else from this, let it be that the main thing that right-wing hardliners put their backs up about is being told what to do or how to be by anyone they identify as an outsider, and that means liberals and Never-Trumpers who they see as essentially the same thing.

Conservatives are racist, sexist, Islamophobic etc. Racists still exist, and lots of them fly Confederate flags because it gives them a plausibly deniable means for displaying their racism. This fact is not actually in mainstream dispute.

This is what public discourse between people who disagree is supposed to look like. Indeed, research by the Vanderbilt political scientist Larry Bartels shows consistently greater income growth under Democratic presidents since the debut of supply-side economics under President Reagan.

I am just a liberal — that is, generally anti-authoritarian and supportive of incremental social progress and blended economies built upon and embedded within a broader social, political, and economic framework whose backbones are republican democracy, regulated capitalism, and scientific knowledge production.

For the past forty years, Republicans have constantly lobbied for tax cuts, especially for the wealthy. Voter fraud is vanishingly rareapplying to at most 0. It happens with economic reforms too. To beat all, it is primarily one of not having their minds changed by outsiders.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans favor current levels of Medicare spending or higher spendingand this support cuts across party lines.Sometimes a superstar is just a superstar. That is the case with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who had long been considered the most qualified nominee for the Supreme Court if Republicans secured the.

I’m a liberal Democrat who didn’t realize for a long time that our mainstream media is biased. For years, I consumed news and commentary from my favorite media sites uncritically: CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times.

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I’m what you would call a “radical leftist”, as in a Marxist-Leninist. It is a mischaracterization of the radical left to claim that extreme identity politics are the most far left variety of politics, as identity politics rely on the liberal understanding of individualism which the far left rejects.

Welcome to the home of the most intelligent, informative, impartial, and encompassing quiz for finding out the answer to the question: "Am I liberal or conservative?” By taking this anonymous quiz, you will gain an understanding of what the liberal and conservative positions are on 32 important issues.

Feb 06,  · I am not on the same side politically as Milo. I am a liberal because I believe in liberty. First and foremost, my most cherished liberty is freedom of speech. I wish someone had told me. I’m a liberal here in the northeast we're all a bunch of hippie liberals.

I do not agree with her lumping or her politics.

Im a liberal
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