Essay on importance of festivals and celebration in our life

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It is a wonderful event that brings happiness to the lives of the people. Bond of love The world is full of enmity and prejudices among the people as they try to compete with each other both in terms of wealth and fame.

There are many types of cultural festivals such as National, Religious and Seasonal. As a matter of fact, the sales of vehicles and electronic items also increase during the festive period.

350 words Essay on importance of festivals in our life

But Muharram teaches a different lesson. It is also known as Navratri and celebrated over a period of 9 nights. Festivals add color to the life and make people aware of their emotional connection with God.

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This entry was posted in Uncategorized on. Importance of Festivals in Our Life: It is a welcome break from the mundane routine of performing household chores and office work. They also inspire a sense of purity in our heart. Student nurse leadership essay conclusion.

It is a celebration of sorts for them irrespective of their religious or ethnic affinity. These festivals are important because they are related to food supply. Holi is also a social festival.

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Intrapersonal essays, monkey chewing khat argumentative essay essays limpieza de oficinas pub life in mumbai essay fisker automotive karma essay. But in-spite of these diversities, India is one because festivals teach us the lesson of unity in diversity.

The sun gives us light and also life. Beneficial for Business Festival is the time when people shop a lot prompting the retail stores to provide heavy discounts to the buyers.

Short essay on Importance of Festivals of India

This festival is noted for display of fireworks. National holidays are sanctioned by the government to mark the occasion in style.

Amalgamation of People During the festival, people exchange gifts with one another and celebrate the events together. Festivals are an important part of our life. They teach us about your rich heritage, traditions and moral values.

But the boy would not listen. During the festival, people exchange gifts with one another and celebrate the events together. Nobody can harm them.

Earlier, there was something to celebrate every single day, so people had festivals for days in a year. Indians celebrate various moments like ploughing day, harvesting day, changing seasons, and many more.

Taking care of the poor One of the most important charity activities during the festival is feeding the poor and giving them alms. It celebrates the victory of good over evil. As they grow older, they get fonder of these festivals and they want to celebrate it in its full potential to enjoy it thoroughly.Festivals also lead to interaction among people from diverse religions.

Festival is a good model of making people happy and fills our lives with colors and joys. There is no word to explain the importance of festival and these plays an important part of life and need to be cherished to the best by every individual. Arrival of a season, or the victory of good over evil, or the birth of god etc etc.

Celebrating the festival means respecting that event and accepting as a positive influence in our life. This in my opinion, is the reason why our elders celebrate and follow festivals with such zeal and devoutness.

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Importance of Festivals in Our Life : Essay, Speech, Article,Que Card

Importance of Festivals in our Life India is a land of the festival due to the diverse population with multiple ethnicity and religion. Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians live in harmony and celebrate their festivals with great pomp and show.

Essay on importance of festivals and celebration in our life
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